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For those of us on the northern hemisphere of our temporary little home in the universe, this year, by the Gregorian calendar, winter solstice will arrive at

2010     21     11:28     21     23:38

Those of us residing at more northern latitudes will note it more, as the days shorten, or for friends in Norway or northern Canada, simply cease to be for a while.   It seems our kind has long tracked this local astrophysical reality, and through many cultures, have established celebratory occasions to mark it.

Amaterasu , Japan

Of course, those on the other half of our hemisphere will be enjoying the longest day of summer.  And those near the equatorial belt will hardly notice a thing, their days staying half and half, almost the same all through the year.

Where ever you are, whatever latitude or longitude, here’s to another spin around our little sun.  Happy travels!

In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.

Albert Camus (1913 – 1960)

Feliz Natal, Clarinha

[A little further note: in N. America there will be a visible lunar eclipse for those with clear skies to see it.]


  1. Muchas Gracias Jon, lo mismo, from Medellin Colombia, S.A.,
    Feliz Invierno ! Pete & Silvia

    • Uncle Tony Chambers
    • Posted December 31, 2010 at 6:49 pm
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    Jon, I googled your name andwas favored with you web sirte as well as a bio. You certianly have traveled far and wide since you visited us back in the 1980’s in Highlands. Isabel still remembers your teaching her the slack string guitar tuning.
    Jollie keeps up with us via email. Your aunt Jan died in 2000. We are retired with our three sons, Tucker, Tommy and Tim, living nearby. They each built their own homes.
    Our best to you.


    • Hi A long time indeed. Yes, I do manage to travel and live in a lot of different places. We seem here for grubby fiscal reasons (saving up after the long life of wild abandon about such things) for perhaps rainy days to come in the new jobless world… Likely here one or two more academic cycles with Sept start point. Then we’ll move to? Well we don’t know. Send along your email to mine, via for which there’s an email. best jon

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