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Walker Evans, Moundville, Alabama

Tacoma cop killer’s house, night stake-outWest Point cadets listen to ObamaCairo Illinois, 2009Windsor Hotel, New York, circa 1880Screentest by Andy Warhol, 1964Goodyear blimp, 1938Empire State Building, NYCGolden Gate Bridge, 1937Ed Ruscha

Rural homeless ranch, San Luis Obispo, Ca.Long abandoned black school, North CarolinaTeabagger convention, Pennsylvania

Looking for work, unemployed, NYCHarlemPhilip GustonKenneth Noland, 1924-2010James TurrelMiami art show

Voters in Massachusetts reflected the national mood in rejecting the business-as-usual choice of an institutionally chosen replacement for Senator Kennedy and installed instead truck-driver given to contradictory words – a real politician ! – while Obama recoiled and took a populist turn on that opportune target of the moment, bankers.  The stock market in response took a dive, and the Supreme Court, ruling in a matter which could have led to a narrow decision decided instead to open the floodgates of corporate spending on election campaigns.  Perhaps this will result in a new law stating explicitly that corporations are not “persons” and do not have the same Constitutional rights and protection of real persons.  Or perhaps it will result in a while in a government 100% of, by, and for the corporations which in fact govern a massive amount of the national political culture (and most other culture) already.

Jasper Johns, Flag



  1. It’s official. It’s over. America RIP. Died January 21. Justices Kennedy, Thomas, Alito, Scalia and Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. were close by.

    They put the cap this experiment, didn’t they? This government is owned and controlled by Money and nothing is produced that Money doesn’t want. This action should be enough, even for the blindly delusional, to confirm this. So let’s just forget all this talk about democracy, shall we? What will be missed? We’ll still have spectacular sporting events, malls and American Idol. We’ll be fine.

  2. found this blog through your comment to Bob Herbert’s column. I looked through your photos and read some of the material and wanted you to know its miraculous to find by accident such a conglomeration of irony beauty and thoughtfulness. As to the economy, I agree, as someone who has just started working at of all places H and R Block, that the scope of the economic misery in this nation is unappreciated by the Republicans or Democrats who were my last hope and the Obamas, while I believe the understand are overwhelmed and powerless.

  3. These old people fought and died on Omaha Beachhead and Iwo Jima because of their “old fasshioned” ideas. Where will you hide when the chips are dow?

  4. Are you afraid to print this?

  5. I guess you’re jusy another pointy headed snob.

    • No, Herbert I am not “afraid to print” it. I sleep at night and do other things during the day than watch my blog mail. However, inadvertently I guess I gave you enough room to demonstrate something about at least one “tea-bagger.” The chips are “Dow”(n). I’m not hiding.

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