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twomblyat chi art inst

Cy Twombly at Chicago Art Institute new Renzo Piano wing

The average American household is saddled with nearly $8,400 of credit card and other revolving debt, according to analysis of government data.

roughing it with a camping espresso maker

Espresso maker for campers

ss-090508-wildfire-jc-01.ss_fullpalms on fire

Near Montecito, Ca.

mayalin waves1Maya Lin “Waves” installation, Storm King, NY

Calatrava model ny station wtc

Model of Ground Zero train station by Calatrava


Robert Capa  rolls discovered in Mexico

explorer scouts playExplorer Scouts Play Terrorist Killers


Harmony Korine sells Liberty Mutual Insurance to red-necks


Obama Moves to Bar Release of Detainee Abuse Photos
Roubini: Dollar’s Demise

Pension Inquiry Reveals a Power Broker’s Web

Obama Urges Rules on Investments Tied to Crisis

And Tex Avery goes self-referential


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  1. Hola! May 09 ends; finally, I visit this site and — what an astounding collection of pictures, photos and drawings. This website is enough to make the unaccomplished run to start their own cite, oblivious of the truth that such as thee, Jon, have actually *accomplished,* in an intense, Real World, as well as pasting pix and words on a ‘wordpress.’ Well. However the Good of the world is accomplished, not to mock any of it. Off I might scuttle to start my own website. Perhaps Accountability to the Real World matters a great deal, however *that* occurs!

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