ANNO 2008

More by accident than design this blog starts today, January 1 (at least here in Korea it is), 2008. Not really sure where to begin, except this will be for the moment a little learning curve of this particular software, and of the function of this in my own mind, and hence how to write for it. For the moment, and perhaps indefinitely, it is likely to be random notes of possible public interest, sporadically put down when time, self-discipline or interest prompt or permit.

For the moment some referrals:

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And I’ll rummage together a listing of other things.

Meantime New Year’s here in Seoul, present residence and looking to be “home” for Marcella and I for 3 or more years, was a quiet affair, with minimal fireworks and such. Owing to the cultural reality here that their calendar is lunar and the festivities of a solar round-trip will take place early in February, though they do take January 1st off as a holiday and the city was eerily empty much of the day. We took a little trip out of the city with a friend, filmmaker Hwang, Cheol Mean, to a Buddhist monastery where we met a monk friend of his, and a few others – a film critic turned anti-WTO agitator, and a professor of philosophy, specifically neo-Confucianism. The drive out was through an ugly globalized suburban hell, high-rises and ill conceived large-scale urbanism, with huge bridges crossing the Han and an incoherent skein of highways (in which Cheol Mean got lost) seemingly tossed up in the past handful of years. It never opened out to country-side before we arrived at the monastery. Had an interesting time meeting monk who recovers Buddhist art from museums that have obtained them less than legally. And from the film critic an invitation to visit Jeju island, sitting down off the south coast and said to be one of the most beautiful parts of Korea. So an OK start for another jaunt around the sun.

This just to get this started and learn the mechanical ropes. Try to jiggle some worthwhile thoughts in future.